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Report harmful content

Image credit: JGI/Fernando Turmo

Digital companies have a responsibility to prevent criminal activity on their platforms but they are not doing nearly enough and illegal and inappropriate content is widely shared. 

If you see illegal, cruel or inappropriate content, do not engage with it, as this will only boost the content. Report the post and/or account to the hosting platform, via the appropriate reporting mechanism and classification.

Even if the content is not removed, your reports demonstrate that this is an issue which  concerns users and may drive the company to strengthen alerts, policies, and enforcement of standards. 

If you see wildlife illegally for sale online, also report to relevant authorities and to the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online

If you see online content involving cruelty to animals, also report it to the Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition

How to report harmful content online?

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Please note: The information above was updated Feb 2024. It is correct to the best of our knowledge at this time but we cannot guarantee it is comprehensive or will remain accurate. Please inform us if you are aware of updates needed.

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