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Jane Goodall Institute Global

Established as a UK charity over a decade ago, JGI Global (JGIG) exists to amplify our network’s collective impact, bringing together expertise and sharing best practice worldwide.

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Our core values

We are a family with a common purpose

We act locally
and think globally

We are responsive, active communicators

We are committed to collaboration

Meet the team

JGIG is managed by an independent board of directors and a dedicated staff team.

Our Global Team

Erika Helms

Global Manager

Andrés Lemoine

Roots & Shoots Global Programme Manager

Rita Groenewald

Roots & Shoots Global Coordinator

Our Global Board

Dr. Jane Goodall


Rob Muller

Global Board Chair

Mary Lewis

Representative of the Founder

Robert Eden

Vishal Agarwal

Susana Pataro

Christina Meinl

Global Senior Advisors

Andria Teather

Emily Butterworth

Steve Woodruff

Patrick van Veen

Tanya Perez

Mary Peng

Malcolm Gilroy

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