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Jane Goodall Institute global network

The Jane Goodall Institute Global (JGIG) was established as a UK charity over 10 years ago to amplify the collective impact of the JGI global network, bringing together expertise and sharing best practice. The JGI network has evolved to include members spanning five continents and expanding programmes and projects across the globe.

Our global JGI network collectively has a significant positive impact through primate research and endangered species protection, community-centred sustainable development, and youth environmental engagement.

JGIG is managed by an independent board of directors and a dedicated staff team.
We have 27 official JGI member offices worldwide as well as field offices, research stations in Africa, and partner offices delivering JGI projects and coordinating Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots locally.

As Dr Jane Goodall approaches her 90th year in 2024, our network will continue to gather pace to deliver her vision to inspire hope through action.

Photo credit: Stuart Clarke

Photo credit: Ray Clark

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

A healthy planet where people make compassionate choices to live sustainably and in harmony with each other, the environment, and other animals.

Our Mission

To understand and protect chimpanzees, other apes and their habitats, and to work towards creating an informed and compassionate multitude who will help to create a better world for people, other animals and our shared environment.

Photo credit: ©Ray Clark

We are committed to collaboration and empowering local communities

  • Nearly 65 years’ experience in the field – 47 years as a global Institute

  • Community-led conservation – renowned ‘TACARE’ approach

  • Global strategy and alignment – impact-focussed

  • Partnership-working – we can achieve more together!

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