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“Jane” series now streaming on Apple TV+

“Jane” series now streaming on Apple TV+

Press release

Experience the captivating new children’s TV series inspired by world-renowned conservationist, Dr Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall Institute Global (JGIG) today announces the launch of a new children’s TV show “Jane” in partnership with award-winning production company Sinking Ship Entertainment and Apple TV+.

This partnership will bring the story inspired by Dr Jane Goodall and the urgency of protecting the world’s most endangered species to a new generation of 6-9-year-olds.

“We are thrilled that Sinking Ship Entertainment has created this amazing series in partnership with JGI. Children around the world will learn about animals and the importance of conservation – in an entertaining and engaging way,” says Andria Teather, JGIG’s advisor and series Executive Producer.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute’s Global team to create a show that inspires young viewers to become advocates for animal welfare and conservation. We hope that ‘Jane’ will inspire a new generation of environmentalists to protect the planet and its inhabitants” adds J.J. Johnson, CEO of Sinking Ship Entertainment.

The benefits of this partnership to the Jane Goodall Institute include:

• reaching a new generation of 6-9-year-olds around the world with a message of conservation, inspiring them to take action in their local communities

• the opportunity to promote JGI’s global youth programme – Roots & Shoots – which empowers young people to take action for animals, people, and the environment

• revenue which will contribute towards our work towards a sustainable future for people and the planet.

About the Jane Goodall Institute Global

Jane Goodall Institute Global connects and coordinates over 30 JGI offices worldwide, all working towards the same goal of protecting chimpanzees and their habitats, and inspiring communities to take action for animals, people, and the environment. Founded by world-renowned ethologist and activist Dr Jane Goodall over 45 years ago, JGI’s mission has never felt more critical than it does today.

Our work focuses on:

1) Chimpanzee Protection and Conservation, protecting wild chimpanzees and their habitats, as well as improving the lives of those in human care

2) Community-Led Conservation, JGI is embedded in the local communities where we work to develop and implement sustainable conservation initiatives that benefit both people and wildlife

3) Youth Empowerment through Roots & Shoots, our global youth program, Roots & Shoots is present in over 60 countries and empowers young people to become changemakers in their communities to take action for animals, people, and the environment

4) Advocacy and Awareness, JGI Global advocates internationally for policies and practices that promote sustainable conservation and animal welfare.

Roots & Shoots stats

– Present in 62 countries

– Over 1 million participants (2021)

– 300,000+ hours of activities (2021)

– 10,000 active Roots & Shoots groups (2021).

Series details

The series will be available for streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ worldwide on 14 April 2023. Each of the series’ 10 episodes will run for approximately 20 minutes.

The theme song, ‘One Step Closer’ was written and performed by multi-award-winning duo Diane Warren and Leona Lewis.

More information

Information about JGI Global:
Information about Sinking Ship Entertainment:
Information on the ‘Jane’ series and how to take action:
Apple TV+:


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