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A living legend is turning 90—we think that’s something worth celebrating.

Approaching her 90th year, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, the world-renowned ethologist, conservationist, UN Messenger of Peace, and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) has a lot to celebrate. In honour of her milestone birthday on April 3, 2024, the global icon will continue to spread her message of hope for humanity with a year-long series of events. 

The Jane Goodall Institutes worldwide will help support Dr. Jane’s mission to inspire hope through action. 

At just 26 years old, Jane followed her passion for wildlife to Gombe, Tanzania where she began her groundbreaking research of wild chimpanzees. Her revelatory observation that chimpanzees make and use tools rocked the scientific landscape and forever redefined our understanding of the relationship between humans and the animal kingdom. Emerging from the forest as a prolific scientist, she went on to build a lifetime of advocacy, particularly through her global organization the Jane Goodall Institute, founded in 1977. 

Today, Dr. Goodall continues to be a trailblazer.  Her efforts advance community-led conservation through JGI’s “Tacare” approach which empowers local communities to own the process of sustainable development and conservation. Through “Roots & Shoots,” JGI’s international youth program, she supports young people in more than 65 countries to create positive change in their communities. 

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