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Caring for rescued chimpanzees and working to end trafficking

Photo credit © JGI / Fernando Turmo

Our triangle approach to end trafficking

JGI works with local communities and authorities in range countries  to help prevent future trafficking using what we call “the Triangle Approach.” This approach relies on effective interplay between three entities: JGI’s environmental education programs, law enforcement, and sanctuaries.


Image credit: JGI/Fernando Turmo


Environmental Education aims to grow awareness about great apes, their role in the local ecosystems, and about the laws against keeping chimpanzees as pets, or being hunted as wild meat. Once individuals are made aware of this information, they will be more likely to speak up when they see an illegal activity that affects local wildlife, such as a neighbor keeping an infant chimpanzee as a pet.

Law enforcement

By working with conscientious community members, local law enforcement is in a much better place to uphold the laws surrounding illegal wildlife trafficking. Once alerted to the presence of a chimpanzee being kept as a pet or attraction, law enforcement officials are then able to seize the chimpanzee, and charge the owner with a crime if one has been committed. But confiscation requires a place for the chimpanzee to be housed and cared for.

Sanctuary care

By giving law enforcement a safe place to take a confiscated chimpanzee, JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, Chimp Eden and other sanctuaries help ensure that chimpanzees are not forced to languish in solitary confinement as an exotic pet or worse. Rescued chimpanzees are rehabilitated, with care provided in appropriate settings that meet their needs.

Partnership and communication between these three areas of action allow JGI to stop trafficking from every angle.

JGI is a leader in collaborative strategic planning for the wellbeing of chimpanzees. 

Turning sad stories around

Wildlife trafficking devastates chimpanzees and other wildlife.

But thanks to the support of caring people like you from around the globe, there are safe havens for abused and trafficked wildlife. Chimp Eden in South Africa is run by the Jane Goodall Institute and is a shining example of hope for endangered chimpanzees. Rescued chimpanzees are rehabilitated and settled in the sanctuary so that each individual has a second chance at a life that is as natural and fulfilling for a chimpanzee as possible.

Learn more about Chimp Eden in South Africa, and about a very special rescued chimp named Tamu.

Image credit: © Chimp Eden

We hope you are inspired to support our work and help keep chimps ForeverWild! Thank you.

A program of Jane Goodall Institute


ChimpanZoo is a research, education and enrichment is a program of the Jane Goodall Institute.

Founded in 1984, ChimpanZoo is an international research program  dedicated to studying chimpanzees in zoos and other captive settings. Approximately 200 chimpanzees are involved in ChimpanZoo, making it the largest ape research program ever undertaken. 

Image credit: 

Positive Enrichment

Understanding the difference between positive enrichment activity vs. harmful activity for great apes.

It’s NOT appropriate if great apes are trained to do an activity and are being used:

for the entertainment of others and/or for (monetary) benefit of the human and not for the enrichment of the individual chimpanzee/great ape

It IS appropriate if:

a great ape can choose whether to interact with materials provided and does so for their own enrichment; if any finance is generated from chosen enrichment behaviours, the funds directly support their care, not individual humans.

A chimpanzee in captivity choosing to engage in enrichment activity
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