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JGI's Commitment to Ape Rights

Our published statement on Ape Rights reflects our dedication to securing a brighter future for our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom.
JGI supports the idea of granting basic, fundamental rights to apes. Dr Jane Goodall’s pioneering, lifetime research has shown that apes are sentient beings with complex minds, rich emotional and social lives, and intellectual capacities. The future of apes has come to a critical point in history, and we need to emphasise the value of all apes and allow them to live as nature intended.

Ape Rights Principles

Right to Life: Apes have the inherent right to live.

Freedom from Pain, Neglect, and Suffering: Apes deserve freedom from unnecessary suffering, neglect, and pain.

Freedom of Choice: Apes should enjoy the freedom to make choices within their environment, within reasonable boundaries that do not harm the interests of others.

Optimal Living Environment: Apes are entitled to reside in an environment that provides sufficient space, enrichment, and structure to foster normal and natural behaviour. This environment should include an appropriate social group of compatible individuals. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our remarkable primate relatives. 

Photo credit: JGI-Carlos Drews

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