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Inspiring hope through action

We are a global community conservation organisation spanning five continents, with a presence in 27 countries and our Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programmes active in many more.
Dr. Jane Goodall

Inspire ‘Hope Through Action’

Photo credit: JGI Turkey

Create a better world for animals, people and the environment

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Fulfil the legacy of Dr Jane Goodall

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JGI network in numbers

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Employees across the globe, supported by many thousands of volunteers
Communities, institutions, or associations supported in target areas where chimpanzees live
Chimpanzees live under direct JGI care
0 m
Trees planted in total

Our global network

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Join us in making a difference

We are a trusted force for good.

Support the Jane Goodall Institute today.
Help us to inspire Dr Jane Goodall’s message of hope around the globe.

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